Things to do after reaching US

Hi guys, I'm back with another helpful article. First of all, I'm again sorry for posting so late but I was sandwiched by my exams and my health issues. From the previous statement, you must've got an idea of how my exams and my health spoiled my near future as my father is all over me for poor results. So I guess you can understand my situation. Writing posts in such a situation is like having a mentos after having 10 liters of coke ;) Not a good example but I hope you got the hang of it. So, let's get started.

So, today's article is basically for international students but I guess native students can consider it as a "to do list" after getting on campus.

Well, I'm just listing the things I feel are important on reaching the campus of your dream university (I hope you got or will get into your dream university ;) ) but you can prioritize them according to your needs.

Get a Sim Card

Well, it's for international students. Get a sim card as a local number is required for various other tasks in the US. For Example, it will be needed for getting a bank account in the US. But, research a bit before getting yourself a sim card like, the best service provider in your area with better student plans and less or no network problems and good customer service.

NOTE: There are a lot of student discounts and offers, so always look out for such offers and you'll definitely save a lot of money.

Finishing Campus Formalities

This, I guess, is the most important task to complete as soon as you get on campus. So, go to admissions office, complete the formalities, get your student ID, and register for classes. And don't forget to register at "Activity Center" and "International Student Services Center".

Open a Bank Account

I suggest first getting a sim card as opening a bank account will need your contact number. Again, research various options and various services and student plans before selecting a bank. Come on man, you're a student, make the best of all the privileges that you have being a student. After all, you won't be getting them after college.

Make a lot of friends

Well this is important. Making friends will make your life easier and fun. And being an international student, it would be easy for you to make new friends.

Some Useful Advice

  • Use small Talk. It is the best way of making friends in the US.
  • If you're from the east, then it is most likely that your culture is not so open and frank. So, try to get out of the shell and mingle.
  • Don't forget to contact your parents. It is most likely that you'll forget to contact your parents but it will just increase their stress level. So, take out time for your family and friends in your native country.
  • Avoid Internet Calling. Well, it'll just make you mad. Try it if you don't believe me.

I know it's a small post. But it took me two days to complete it. It is almost impossible to blog with your parents' eyes always on you after disastrous exams. You can always suggest me topics to write about. It will increase the efficiency of the blog.

Lastly, I guess I'll be writing a QNA post next.


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