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FAILURE.....Road to Success!!!

Hello friends, I know it's been a while since I posted my last article. But I was a hell lot busy and I wish that duration of a day would have been at least 48 hours to get all the things in place.
Last night when I was lying in the bed, I gave a thought to my possible future. I was wondering that what would happen if I go against my parents and pursue my own interest and badly fail at it? Then I thought that a hell lot of people must be wondering about the same. So I decided to put my opinions in the blog and start a healthy discussion on the topic.
So, what is success and what is failure? Is failure really the road to success? Can one taste success without failing or is it mandatory to fail at least once to reach success? All these questions along with a lot more took over my mind when I thought about this dangerous topic. So, I would like to ask you the same questions and listen to your opinions on these questions. Below I present my views on "Failure."
So according …

How To kill the New SAT in first attempt?

Hey guys, I'm back with another helpful article (I hope it's helpful). In this article, I'm gonna tell you some tricks which you can use to literally kill the New SAT in the first attempt. But adopt only those tricks, with which you're comfortable. I know that all the tricks mentioned here will not be suitable for all the students. So you can contact me can we can figure out some good tricks for you.
So firstly, you'll hear almost everyone say that no one can score good on SAT in the first attempt. But, you have to prove them wrong and every individual out there has the potential to do that. So, most important thing is to remove that thought from your mind completely along with all the traces of the thought. Come on man, most people don't even get a single chance to fulfill their dreams. But you've got your chance, so make it count.
Second most import thing is to never ever underestimate the SAT. No matter however easy it may look like, you have to practic…

College List

Hey Guys, here I am with another important topic. Actually, you must've heard people say about the importance of college list. Actually, it is one of the most important thing in the whole college application process as it will create a path for your college application process and if you fail to create a good college list, then sorry to say but you may fail to achieve the future you've imagined your yourself. Yes, it is that important.

So, what do I mean by a good college list? Well, a good college list is a list of colleges which are a best fit for you and your family. And by family, I mean that the college fee should not create a burden on your family.

But before starting, let me ask you a question.

Why to even bother to go to college? I bet almost all of you ask this question at some point. So, here's why you should go to college. First of all, college graduates earn a lot more than the high school graduates. Secondly, college prepares you to not just survive, but thri…