How to submit a Perfect College Application?

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Okay, so today I'm back with a very important topic. So, today I'll be discussing some valuable points which will help you in submitting your "PERFECT" college application. By the way, feel free to add more in the comments. Don't keep it to yourself.

False Claims = Bye Bye Dream College

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever make false claims in your college application. Were those enough "evers" to make my point? Seriously dude, false claims is a BIG NO NO in a college application. You better try doing 10K push ups without resting rather than trying to get into your dream university with false claims on your college application. It sends a negative vibe about the applicant and admission officers can sniff such applications from miles away.

Self Evaluation = Near Perfect Application

Think! Think! Think! Evaluate your fours years of High School. Consider even the smallest details. Even small achievements can prove helpful in boosting your college application. So, give all of them a thought. Then, try to evaluate your application as an admission officer of your dream college would do. Try to find out the ifs and buts and fix them. Remember that admission officers are human, even something small can make them put your near perfect application down. So, don't give them a chance to do so. Aim for a cent percent perfection.

Never Portray yourself as "Jack of all trades, Master of none."

Before starting your college application, pen down a maximum of three things which interests you the most. Then try to explain them in your application. Each and every piece of your application should tell something positive about you. Colleges look for focused and hard working individuals with values who can hone their skills and interests and bring a diversity on the college campus. Try to go deep on your interests. If you just got into high school, then pick up your three most valuable interests and skills and work on them the next four years. Trust me, it will pay you a great deal. Only the things that you did during your high school matters, so do not write anything in the application which is expired.

Take time with the Essay

The essay plays a crucial role in the application process. So, give it a lot of time. I suggest giving at least two months to the essay. Create various drafts, get reviews on it and keep trying till you finally get it perfect. Always remember that the essay can make or break your chances.

Start Early with the application

Starting early may seem weird but in the end, you'll be glad you did it. You don't want to rush your application in order to submit in time. And remember that rushing will only increase the errors in your application. Trust me, you can't put up a perfect application with a clock ticking above your head.

Get all your ducks in a row

Be organized and do not procrastinate. Following these two tips will make the job a hell lot easier.

Report your new achievements to the college

After submitting the application, feel free to report your new achievements to the college. Also in case of any query no matter how small, feel free to contact the admissions office. It sends a positive message about you to the college that you're really interested in them.

Say NO to Typos and Errors

Typos and other errors are a big red flag in the admissions process. Even an applicant with perfect profile can get rejected because of these. It triggers a negative impression about the applicant in the minds of the admissions officers as they think that the applicant is either careless or impatient.  So make sure you read your full application twice or thrice before clicking on that submit button.

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