Application Submitted...What Next?

Hey guys, today's post is a bit interesting. Till now, we've talked about the standardized tests, college lists, college applications and what not. But today, I'll be discussing about the post submission time. So, let's assume that you've successfully submitted your best possible college application, now what?

Before we dive into the topic, I want to share a perfect college application submission strategy. So, as I've discussed earlier in my "College List" post, you should submit application to at least 10-12 colleges. Of which, 25% should be "very difficult but possible to get into" colleges, 50% should be "moderately difficult to get into" colleges, and 25% should be "easy to get into" colleges.

Now, submit early decision application to your dream college. And if you're confused between two or three dream colleges, then you might go with the one with better acceptance rate. Then, if any of the colleges on your list accepts non-binding early action application, then go for it. But do read all the conditions carefully and make sure that you pass all the conditions before doing so. Finally, submit regular decision application to all the other institutions on your college list. Using this strategy might boost your chances of getting accepted into a good college on your list.

Having said that, let's dive into today's main topic. So, what to do after submitting the college application? First of all, don't assume that the hard part is over. No dude, the hard part is yet to come but it is fun too. Firstly, don't lose focus off the studies and don't let your final grades slip because even if you get selected in your dream college, that admission is provisional. The college can reject you if they feel you didn't perform up to the mark in the final exams. Well, you may save the deal by providing a genuine reason for the grades slip. Well, it generally works if the slip is small, not disastrous.

Secondly, keep an eye on the colleges' websites and keep interacting with them whenever possible. For Example, attend their workshops, online webinars, college fairs, and if possible, visit the college campus. And don't forget to ask questions via email. Mostly, colleges do keep a record of their interactions which leaves you with an impression of high interest in the college.

Next, if you receive any new awards, etc., then do report it to the colleges. It will boost your application and help you if you get deferred or wait-listed. Lookout for any new notification as it may be of great use. For Example, the colleges may ask you to submit some additional documents, etc.

Complete your FAFSA and other Financial Aid related documents and submit them well before time to be considered for financial aid. You don't want to reject a college after acceptance because you got less or no scholarship because of you submitting the financial aid documents a bit late. So take care of that. And you can expect a post on Financial Aid coming out pretty soon.

If you get deferred or wait-listed, then don't stay put and pray. I mean do pray, but along with some effort. Write a letter to the college stating the importance of that college's education in your life and how it can help your career to thrive. Also mention why that college is a good fit for you and vice versa. And never ever use the cliches like "[xyz] college has always been my dream college and I wanted to attend it ever since I got to know what a college is" blah blah blah. Don't tell the colleges that you want to attend it, instead, show them that. The college should automatically feel that you are a good fit for their campus and are very sincere about attending their college. Trust me guys, this one letter can prove to be the key to your dream college.

Finally, if you get selected, then perhaps it is the time for you to celebrate. Spend your time with family and friends. Do all the things you ever wanted to do with your family and friends because, in a few months, you will be away from them for a long duration of time (if you're an international student). Don't worry, I'll be dedicating a whole post to this topic in the near future.

So, I guess that's it for now. But before wrapping up this post, I need your views on some important issues.

Firstly, I was planning to have an online conference where I can answer all your questions live. So, if you want that to happen, then do write in the comment box or on the facebook page.

Secondly, if any one of you wants to contribute to the blog by writing guest posts, then you can email me the post along with your name and gmail id with "FUSEPP Guest Post" in the subject. And if you're able to write posts regularly, then you have the option to join FUSEPP permanently.

Lastly, I promised you not to monetize my blog. But, now I feel that FUSEPP needs to make some money to increase the reach of the blog thus enabling us to help more people and grow our FUSEPP community. Please share your views about it. I'll start monetizing the blog only if you guys are okay with it.

So, I guess that's it. Subscribe to the blog for the latest feeds, feel free to contact me, and spread the word about FUSEPP.


  1. Live session is only helpful if you have an active audience with questions, so figure out if you have that.
    Monetization is no problem if the money is being utilized to spread word about the blog, but using Google ads takes away from the look and authenticity of the blog so keep that in mind.


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