Ace the Personal Interview

Hello friends, I talked about the dos and don'ts for a perfect college application in the previous post. Now, I'll be talking about a perfect interview. So first of all, you need to know that you might be interviewed by a college but it's not sure. It depends on various factors like availability of interviewers, etc.

Who will interview you?

Well generally, an admissions officer or an alumni of the college may interview you. The main motive of the interview is to know the applicant better. It's also a chance for you to know the college better. You may not be able to visit the college campus, so it's your chance.

What's the interview all about?

As I said earlier, interview is all about getting to know the applicant with more clarity. But you should note that you might not get that chance, so your application is the only thing you've got, to convey the message. Don't look at the interview as a hurdle. It's just a normal conversation you'll be having in order to convey your message more accurately.

Modes of interview

You might be interviewed in person, telephonically, or through a video chat. It all depends on a lot of factors. Now, lets talk about how you should prepare for the interview.


  • First things first, never ever over prepare for the interview. Do not cram the possible responses. It should be natural otherwise, it will send a wrong message about you.
  • Are you nervous for the interview? Well, it's okay. A bit of nervousness is good for you. But excess of everything is harmful. Same rule applies here. Long breaths might help you get steady.
  • Try to become the interviewer and pen down all the possible questions he/she might bombard you with. Then, think the possible answers for the same. Now, say those answers in front of the mirror. Ask someone to interview you. Practice enough to speak fluently but it should not sound like you've memorized it.
  • Do a hell lot of research about the college and think why you want to go to that college. Your answer should be decent and realistic. Wikipedia and the Official Website of the college are the best sources of information.
  • Speak naturally. If you're having problem with that, then assume that you are a superstar and are shooting an interview scene. Prepare your possible dialogues and be ready for improvisation. By improvisation, I mean any question you've not prepared for. Don't panic in such situation. Just answer honestly.
  •  If you're being interviewed in person, then wear formal or semi-formal clothes. Sit in an attentive posture and keep a sweet smile on your face. If you have any question, don't be afraid to ask. Confidence is the key to success. So, just relax and have a great chat with the interviewer.
  • Finally, the intention of the interview is to know more about you. So, don't repeat things that you've mentioned in the college application and try to make your responses creative.

I guess that's it. Feel free to mention your problems or tricks in the comments.


  1. I'm not sure about your point regarding wikipedia as a legitimate source...

    1. I mentioned wikipedia as you'll get a whole bunch of information in one place. Thus, it makes the job easier. Otherwise, the official website of the college and some other websites like collegeboard, etc. can provide useful information about the college which will help you in your interview as well as supplementary portion of the Common App.


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