Reappearing for SAT/ACT? Things to consider...

Did you appear for the SAT/ACT and didn't score well? Do you want to reappear for the exam to boost your score? But wait for a second, before registering for the test, just read this article. It may help you to do your best on the test.

Are you planning to drop a year and then appear for the exam?

On one hand, this option seems to be a decent one but it has some consequences. If you are a high school junior, then you can wait for a year and appear for the exam in your senior year. But if you are in your senior year, then it is a bit risky to drop a year and appear for the exam because you'll need to show something solid in your college application regarding your that one year. Simply showing that you prepped for the SAT/ACT ain't gonna work, especially if you're aiming for highly selective schools.

So, think a bit about what you can do in that year (like community service, extracurricular, etc.) to show in your college application. If you have something solid to show, then you can think of dropping a year but I still don't recommend it. It creates a lot of additional pressure on the student. So, try to avoid it as far as possible.

Are you planning to appear for the same exam you appeared for before?

Well, I guess you should stick with your previous exam unless you're damn sure that you'll score good on that test. There are a bunch of reasons I'm recommending sticking on to the test you took before. Firstly, you've experienced that test. You are familiar with the pattern of the exam, the types of questions that are asked in the test, time management for that test, and most importantly, you have the practice material for that test. Moreover, I guess it's far more easy to increase your weak score on a test instead of starting with scratch on another test.

And I guess that's why a lot of students aren't able to increase their score even on the second try. So, don't change the test unless you chose the previous test by mistake or you're solid sure that you'll score exceptionally good on that test.

Are you worried about your test scores reaching to the colleges in time?

Well, that's a big problem. All your hard-work will go in vain if your scores do not reach the respected schools in time. So, what to do?

Generally, November 1is the Early Decision/Action deadline while January 1 is the Regular Decision deadline. But usually, the September ACT and October SAT scores reach colleges in time for the Early Decision/Action deadline. But, it's not sure whether they'll reach before or after your application had been considered. It further increases the problem if you've sent your previous (weak) scores to the colleges. They may use that score instead while considering your application if your new scores do not reach in time.

So, to avoid such situation, contact all the schools you're applying Early to and try to explain your situation to them and ask for any help BEFORE REGISTERING FOR THE TEST. All the research should be done before applying to the colleges. You don't need to contact schools to which you're applying Regular Decision as your scores will reach the schools well in time but I do recommend you to apply to such colleges a few days after your test scores are declared to avoid the latter problem. Moreover, you can use the Rush Reporting option to make sure that your scores reach in time to the colleges you're applying Early.

Special Note for Students

I know that some of the students out there are not supported by their parents. I know that some of the students aren't financially so well off to appear for the exam twice. But I have something to say to such students. Guys, if you've not got scores up to your expectations. Then, don't panic. Just take some time and reconsider your option, do you really want to do this thing? And if the answer is Yes, then don't worry about the future. Don't bother whether your parents will let you take the exam again. Just prep for the exam as if you've already filled the form. And trust me, if you're dedicated and enthusiastically want to do the thing you are doing, then your parents will support you. It will take some time but your parents will support you. And the reason I'm so sure about this thing is because they love you. They always want to see you happy.

Finally, just remember one thing. It's your dream dude, and you have to stand for it.

One final advice, always keep a back-up but never think about it. It should be present in that part of the brain where you can't reach it even if you want to. Back-Up plans prevent us from doing our best. No one will try their best to prevent themselves falling from a mountain edge if they have a safety rope tied around their waist.

And if you're worried because of your weak test scores, then just remember one thing.


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