Busting some popular US Higher Education Myths

Hello friends, today I'll be busting some of the most popular myths about US Higher Education and I'm sure that even you believe some of these myths. So sit back, relax, and look for yourself.


Your parents must have enough wealth to support your studies, a.k.a., You must be rich to even think of US Higher Education.


I don't know why, but this is the biggest misconception in the minds of international students and their families. But simply, IT'S NOT TRUE. The truth is that there are a lot of funding options available to fund your studies. Study Grants, On Campus Jobs, Scholarships, and Financial Aids are some of the ways to fund your US Education.

All the top universities along with some other universities provide need-based financial aid to even international students, i.e., they are determined to make the US Education accessible and affordable for all the students irrespective of their capability to pay the fees.

Moreover, institutional scholarships, on campus jobs, and some other federal and state grants makes the job a lot easier for the international students.

So, I'll recommend you to surf the university website and talk to the university officials about the same before applying to a university. And you can also reach out to me for the same.


If your SAT/ACT scores are not so good, then you cannot go to a good school.


I guess this is the second most popular misconception among people (Most popular among those who are planning to apply to US universities). I'm damn sure that most of the readers also have the same myth built up in their heads and which in turn, is the major cause of anxiety among the students. But IT'S NOT TRUE.

The truth is that no one component of your application can get you in or out, i.e., a student cannot get accepted in a university just because he's got a perfect SAT/ACT score or awesome GPA or extracurriculars. It is your whole application which matters.

Always remember one thing, universities don't want a well rounded student, they want a well rounded class. But what does that mean? It means that universities do not want students who are "Jack of all trades, Master of none". Instead, they want a class with varied and huge amount of talent and potential. Moreover, a student is more than just his scores.

So, if you've got not-so-good SAT/ACT scores or not-so-good any other part of the application, then don't panic. Try your best in other parts of the application and apply to your dream university irrespective of your GPA or test scores. But just remember one thing, please do not showcase yourself as an all-rounder. Select a very small bunch of activities and showcase your depth in those activities. But, also try to showcase your "Leadership Skills" and "Community Service".


It's just about Four Years!


This is another very popular myth among the international students. But sorry guys, you're very very wrong. It's not just about FOUR YEARS. First of all, only a fraction of students are able to graduate in four years. A large number of students graduate in five or six years.

Even if you graduate in four years, are you going to come back to your home country as soon as you graduate? If Yes, then it would be the biggest mistake of your life (unless you need to handle your father's business). After graduation, you should always work and gain some experience before returning to your home country. I recommend at least three years of work experience and five years is good. That said, now count the number of years.


I'll be a billionaire or at least millionaire as soon as I graduate from a top university.


This one makes me laugh, but it is a common misconception among international students, especially Indians. The Truth is a big and bold 'N' followed by an 'O'. NO, you'll not be a millionaire even two years after graduating from a top university (unless you build a time machine or star in the next Avengers Movie). Dude, no one's gonna come and give you a million dollars on your graduation day just because you graduated from a top university. Of course, you'll become a millionaire, billionaire, or even a trillionaire but it will take time, hard work, and dedication.

So friends, that's all for now. If you have any other opinion and want to confirm whether it's a myth or not, then please write down in the comments. If you need any other help regarding US universities, application, and/or Test Prep, then please write in the comments below.  


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