College Life Bucket List

College life is the best time of everyone's life. So, it's very important for everyone to take the most out of the wonderful college time. So, here I present a list of wonderful things everyone should do before graduating from the college (but without falling into trouble). Actually, I've tried to make this list a perfect list for both the native and international students.
So, here we go.

1. Exploring the place

Whether you're a native or an international student, freshmen year is all about exploration. As soon as you get on campus, start exploring the campus and the city (after settling down and completing all the formalities at the campus). You'll be fascinated to know about the various college traditions, events, and student groups.

2. Enrolling in the Student Groups/Participating in the college traditions and events

Obviously, all those student groups and college traditions aren't just for exploring, are they? They're for participation. You'll find tons of opportunities at the campus to showcase your talents and prepare your resume for future. Just grab all those opportunities and do your best in everything.

3. Making your own student groups and college traditions

Come on guys, where do you think all the current groups and traditions came from. Someone started them. So why can't you? I'm sure a lot of student groups will align with your interests but you can always start your own if it doesn't or if you have a unique idea for a student organization. But definitely start some new traditions to be remembered and followed after your graduation.

4. New friends and relationships

Of course you'll be making a lot of friends of life, but some of the friendships may turn into relationships during the college years but that's natural. You should enjoy this phase of the life too. But I do want to remind you that everything's good in a limit. Never ever cross that limit or you may get yourself into trouble.

5. Projects, Researches, and On-Campus Jobs

Along with all the fun, studies are also important. Don't forget that that's the main reason that you're there. Projects, Researches, and On-Campus Jobs are a great way to support your studies and a part of your expenses. Moreover, it provides you with the valuable experience which would be helpful in the future.

6. Dorm Room Parties

Wanna Party? Invite some friends, grab something to eat, put on some music, and PARTTTYYYYYY

7. Long Drives to Major Cities and other small trips

All the international students won't be able to get home every year. So, Long drives, exploring other cities, hiking, trekking, etc. etc. There are a lot of options to enjoy your holidays to the fullest along with your friends.

8. Internships, Co-Ed, and Study Abroad Programs

Again, always indulge in all these things whenever possible. It prepares you for your future along with providing you with the valuable experience.

This list is a small general list suitable for students attending any college or university. But, as soon as you'll get on campus, a ton of other things will add to your college life bucket list, no doubt about it.
Which one's your favorite, tell us by writing in the comment box.


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