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Are you a high school student? Are you a parent? Are you a college counselor? No matter which of the above you are, if you want to go to USA for higher education, or your child or student wants to study in US. Then you are at the right place. Here, I will give you each and every piece of information you need to know before applying to the US universities. If you need more information or resources for the same, then please do write in the comment box.

This blog is an initiative to help people know about the US colleges, application process, and US education system. So, let me start by explaining everything I'll cover on this blog. Well, to start with, I'll be covering each and every portion of college application, visa process, and even how to pack your bag for leaving for US. So, you can say that I'll help you from registering for the standardizes tests to signing for the classes in the college. If you want to know about any specific topic in more detail or need resources, then just let me know about it by typing in the comment box. I'd also like to tell you that when requesting information or resources, then please mention your email id in the message and please be patient for my reply because as all the messages will be read by me manually, it may take a bit of time. But I assure you that I will definitely contact you back with relevant information or resources.

Now, just wait for the article to be online and stay tuned for the same. Just sit back and relax as I'll do the hard work of surfing the internet and will provide you with the most relevant information.


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