College Application Components

Believe it or not, but College Application Process is a itself a mission. This is a very stressful time for both parents and students. So, in this article, I'll provide you with an overview of US college application.

So, to start with, US college application can be submitted online or via mail. But, it is always a good idea to apply online unless you don't have access to the internet. Moving forward, you can submit college application online in three ways. You can either go to the official website of the college and fill out their form along with all the documents and application fee or you can submit common applications to all the colleges you want to apply to. Common App and Universal App are the two kinds of common college application. But of the two, Common App is more popular and is accepted by more universities.

Common App:
Universal App:

I'll discuss all of these modes of submitting college application in later articles. Moving forward, the components of US college application are as follows:
1. The Application Form
2. Standardized Test Scores
3. High School Transcripts
4. Extracurricular Activities
5. Letter of Recommendation
6. Essays
7. Supplemental Portion of College Application (varies by college)
8. Others

I'll discuss each and every portion of the application in detail in later posts. But for now, all these components are categorized into three main categories. The first category comprises numbers, i.e., The Standardized Test Scores, High School Transcripts, College Prep Course (AP and IB, to be discussed in later posts) Transcripts and any other course reports. This part of the college application accounts for almost 40%.

The Second category comprises all the other things which combine to form you as a person, i.e., Extracurricular Activities and all the other high school participations. This port of the application also accounts for almost 40%.

Lastly, the third category comprises of all the other things which are a part of the application, i.e., The Application Form, Letter of Recommendation, Essays, and the supplemental portion of the application. This part accounts for almost 20%.

So , I guess that's enough information for a single blogpost. I'll discuss each and every part of the application along with the tips and tricks to submit your best application to the colleges. So do subscribe and stay tuned for the same. Also, please share these articles as much as you can as they will help tons of students and parents in the process.


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